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'We were missing that general' on Astini News

Even though now-deposed QB Tim Tebow led the Broncos to the AFC West crown in 2011, Denver RB Willis McGahee admitted something was missing Monday in light of the team's pending acquisition of QB Peyton Manning.

"Basically, he can really take us to another level," McGahee said of Manning on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

"We were young and I think those guys got the jitters out of them last year, even though we did go to the playoffs and represented the AFC West. It was a certain something that we were missing. We were missing that general to take charge in tough situations and I think he brings that to the table.

"And once those guys see him out there I think they're going to rise to the occasion and just have a breakout year."

McGahee wasn't done making the media rounds.

"He can take our team to another level," he told NFL Network on Monday afternoon.

"I think he's gonna take us to the promised land."

McGahee also did a bit of tweeting:

To all my free agents across the nfl, I think u know what time it is. It's about to go down...

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