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CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho: Why Title Tilt Deserves More Hype Than It's Getting on Astini News

With The Rock and John Cena ready to go at it once again at WrestleMania 28, the rightful fight of the night between CM Punk and Chris Jericho for the WWE title is losing much of the hype that it deserves.

Perhaps it is just bad luck to be scheduled on the same night of the most hyped fight. The WWE has been promoting this match between Cena and The Rock for a year now, while the Jericho and CM Punk feud has just been escalating since Jericho's return in early 2012.

These two have created a great feud that has had many turns and storylines. At first, it was just a battle of who was the greatest in the world, but now it has turned bitter and personal, including Jericho turning heel as the feud began. 

Jericho has been really building up the fight, as he has been dipping into the personal life of Punk, addressing the issues of substance abuse in the Champion's family life. Clearly, it is something that has shaped his image in the WWE, and Jericho is trying to throw it off.

This situation has been short-lived, but it definitely deserves more hype than it is getting.

Which Match Are You Most Excited for?

    Which Match Are You Most Excited for?

  • Rock vs. Cena

  • Jericho vs. CM Punk

There is no doubt that the Cena vs. The Rock fight is huge, and not just for WWE, but for those who have been split on their hero of the past and the man who has taken that role within the organization in the present.

It is actually a similar situation with Jericho and CM Punk, but the only difference here is we have a heel versus a face, and it has been created in a feud that is building up for a battle of man taking down what is truly, well, a bully.

All four of these men have created some of the greatest and most memorable moments in the history of professional wrestling, and when all four hit the ring at WrestleMania, they will once again put on a performance that nobody will be able to forget.

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