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The Borowski Spin on Astini News

Lots of fun tunes to listen to this week…


Primadonna– Marina & The Diamonds

We're still happily grooving to Marina & The Diamonds' "Radioactive," and now comes the first single off her upcoming second album.  "Primadonna" bounces back and forth between a light sound and a more aggressive one.  We especially love how Marina herself constantly flips between her upper and lower registers – sometimes mid-phrase! We also dig the retro video, reminiscent of Beyonce's "Why Don't You Love Me?" in style and tone.


Changed The Way You Kissed Me – Example

One of last year's 1 Brit hits, "Changed The Way You Kissed Me," by singer Example offered a slice of NuWave/Electro.   Six months later, the song finds itself heading up the U.S. dance charts.  The original is fun for its 1983 "Send Me An Angel" vibe alone.  One mix, the Black Cards, takes the song to a whole new level by tossing in an Abba-esque keyboard (think "Lay Your Love On Me") that builds into an orgy of synth effects!


Break My Heart – Kola Kube feat. Choklate

& Jump! – Christopher S feat. Jamayl Da Tyler

Samples galore!  We recently came across two songs from last year that didn't make big splashes, but are still definitely worth a listen.  Both also feature playful use of samples.  "Break My Heart" by Joey Negro protégé Kola Kube (feat. Choklate) uses the drum programming and keyboard riff from Wham!'s "Everything She Wants." While not a direct answer song (like, say, "No Pigeons"), it's cleverly sung from a female perspective.  Sorry, George!  The smooth groove is also deliciously laid back.  Meanwhile "Jump!" by Christopher S. (feat. Jamayl Da Tyler) is a fascinating hybrid of dance and rap (seesawing between two tempos and similar in structure to the Freemasons/Kelly Rowland "Work").  It perfectly references the main line from the Kris Kross hit of the same name to create a brand-new kind of House Party.


Keep On Keepin' On – Suzanne Palmer

House diva Suzanne Palmer is back, singing on a track for producer/singer Georgie Porgie.  This isn't a remake of Rose Royce's original soul tune (later covered by JoJo), though the refrain is similar in how it scans.  To admit, this whole affair tends to the generic, but Palmer's big voice is always welcome on our speakers!


BPM BITS: More official remixes of "Girl Gone Wild" are coming your way. Joining the previous releases by the likes of Dave Aude are new ones from Kim Fai, Lucky Date and Offer Nissim.  The first two are a little too "Big Room" esoteric, but the latter is Epic!  Featuring a dramatic opening that could easily be the opening of a mammoth stage production, it features a smart edit of the Madonna prayer from the single version mixed with a male vocalist's Middle Eastern-sounding call to prayer. Stunning!

[The label keeps pulling these links down, here on YouTube and on SoundCloud, so listen to this one while you can!]  

On this week's TOP 20 DANCE CHART, the Chris Brown/Rihanna "Turn The Music Up" easily steps into the 1 spot.  Beyonce, meanwhile, storms into 3.   Get ready for a traffic jam of major proportions as so many great songs crowd the Top 10, ever edging upwards…


1)   Turn The Music Up (Remix) – Chris Brown feat. Rihanna (2) *


2)   GBF (Gay Best Friend) – Heven (1) *


3)   Love On Top (DJ Lynnwood's Hate Disco Remix) – Beyonce (6)


4)   F U Betta (Dave Aude Mix) – Neon Hitch (4) *


5)   Turn This Club Around – R.I.O. feat. U-Jean (3)


6)   Starships (Original & Funk 3rd Party Anthem Mixes) – Nicki Minaj (7)


7)   Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Mix) – Madonna (11)


8)   We Run The Night – Havana Brown (8)


9)   Man Out Of U (Spunky Remix) – Matthew Duffy (5)


10)   Music Sound Better With U (Halatrax & Karmatronic Mixes)– Big Time Rush (10)


11)   Keeping The Planets (Frank Minoia Disco Mix) – Joy Salinas (13)


12)   Here We Go Again – Vicky Green feat. Kelly Rowland & Trina (15)


13)   Boom Boom – Rye Rye (16)


14)   Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (Original & 7th Heaven Club Mixes) – Kelly Clarkson (12)


15)   Respect (Disco Tech Mixshow) – Melanie Amaro (17)


16)   We Party – The Kissboyz (18)


17)   Changed The Way You Kissed Me (Black Cards Mix) – Example (DEBUT)


18)   Creep (Cosmic Dawn Mix) – Parralox (19)


19)   Breathing (JRMX Club Mix) – Jason Derulo (14) *


20)   Keep On Keepin' On – Georgie Porgie feat. Suzanne Palmer (DEBUT)

*Indicates current/former 1s

DJ Mike Borowski

Michael is a Broadway press agent by day and New York City DJ by night. He's a resident DJ at his favorite Gay dive bar, Pieces, where his ongoing parties include spinning Dance/Pop at "Get Your Mess On!"; 80s/90s/Disco at "Matinee – Afternoon Tea"; and NYC's premiere "otter party" "Sunday NIght Hair Affair." He also spins private events, and in the summer, he can be seen and heard in his beloved Fire Island Pines. Check out his mixes at


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