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Cure The Love Bulge, Shaft Medical Now Offers Abdominal Liposculpture to Eliminate Love Handles on Astini News

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

Shaft Medical San Diego ("SHAFT SAN DIEGO"), the area's premium aesthetic medicine practice providing the full range of advanced cosmetic procedures, announces the availability of the PowerX and Lipotherme Liposuction San Diego procedure for managing hard to treat love handles.

Those collections of fat on the abdomen and sides are colloquially known as "love handles". A recent survey showed that three out of four people want to treat their love handles.

It's a truly sobering time in anybody's life when one day you look down and find that you've got those dreaded love handles! For many women, this is the moment that our San Diego liposculpture procedure starts to sound like a wonderful idea.

Even with diet and exercise, it's possible to end up with areas of fat that just don't seem to shift, such as back fat, tummy rolls, bingo wings, and of course, love handles. You can now permanently eliminate your love handles with a relatively simple outpatient liposuction San Diego procedure.

Liposuction of love handles with the PowerX and Lipotherme San Diego Liposuction procedure fat involves permanent removal of fat cells resulting in greater definition and skin tightness. This technique reduces or eliminates the "side bulges" associated with love handles.

Produced by Sound Surgical, the recently FDA-approved PowerX Lipo System is an innovative power-assisted liposuction device that makes it easier for the cosmetic surgeon to remove fat. The cannula rotates, allowing fat to be removed quicker, more efficiently, and with less effort. It is also very quiet, unlike other mechanical liposuction devices.

Lipotherme is a new FDA-approved 980 nm wavelength laser lipolysis technology developed in France. Using a small laser housed in a specially designed and patented cannula, fatty deposits below the skin are disrupted with heat, facilitating their removal and the look and contour you desire. Laser lipolysis with Lipotherme is often used in areas where traditional liposuction would not be successful and in parts of the body where diet and exercise is not able to reduce fatty deposits.

Now, with PowerX and Lipotherme, there are new and effective options in liposuction technology.

The PowerX technique substantially reduces surgical time as compared to traditional liposuction. Combining a unique rotational handpiece with multiple power settings, PowerX enables more precise body sculpting and contouring. Capable of superficial work to large volume fat removal, the PowerX allows cosmetic surgeons more control by reducing aspiration time and physician fatigue.

PowerX offers physicians and patients the ability to custom-tailor body contouring treatment. PowerX can be used alone or in combination with other liposuction technologies such as SHAFT™'s exclusive Lipotherme™ laser lipolysis system.

Lipotherme laser liposuction offers smooth and consistent contouring results, allowing cosmetic surgeons to target the smallest and most stubborn pockets of fat. Lipotherme is the perfect solution for small, precise areas like the face, neck, back, parts of the abdomen and arms. This technique reduces bruising and bleeding, and only a local anesthetic is needed which reduces both cost and risk to the patient.


Specializing in the very latest advanced aesthetic medicine procedures Shaft Medical San Diego features NeoGraft Scar Free Hair and Eyebrow Transplantation and MiXto SX Fractional Skin Laser for acne scars, skin rejuvenation, and nonsurgical "lift" of the face, eyes neck and chest. Our practice also offers PureLight Cellulite Heliotherapy, PowerX and Lipotherme Minimally Invasive Liposculpture Surgery, LAVIV Skin Cell Cloning Therapy and NeoGraft LTS Acne Cold Laser as well as BOTOX, Juvéderm, Radiesse, LATISSE for eyelash growth, varicose vein and spider vein treatment, and MeDioStar laser hair removal. SHAFT's modern and highly discrete office serves clients throughout Southern California including San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties.

For more information about PowerX and Lipotherme Liposculpture San Diego, please see the Company's website at

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