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Whoopi Goldberg accused of tossing tenant from Llewellyn Park property on Astini News

A woman who leased a Llewellyn Park carriage house for 40 years claims new owner Whoopi Goldberg evicted her because the woman couldn't afford to pay her property taxes. Suzanne Lindsay, who told her tale of woe to Star magazine (partner picked it up), calls Goldberg, who bought her Llewellyn Park estate in 2009 for $2.8 million, "a merciless, cruel woman" for forcing her and the two grandchildren she cares for out of the home.

The woman says that Goldberg's lawyers told her "The View" host would pay her $10,000 toward moving casts if she forfeited the 33 years left on the 99-year lease on the home, and when she signed the papers Oct. 11, she was told she had to be out in a week.

But Goldberg was upfront with the Star about the situation: She says she offered to buy out Lindsay's lease when she purchased the Llewellyn Park property, but Lindsay wanted more money than she offered. A year went by, and Lindsay filed for bankruptcy, owing the bank that held the mortgage on the leased property more than $350,000. Goldberg says the bankruptcy court told Lindsay to sell her lease or coming up with another plan, but Lindsay couldn't get the $500,000 or so she believed the lease was worth.

"In short, she turned down my offers to buy her lease and basically tried what she could to stay in the house for as long as possible without paying what she owed. I work hard every day for a living and don't mind helping my family or others but I do mind being taken advantage of. She lost the house because she did not keep her end of her lease or her loan from the bank, not because of me."

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