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Denarius Moore Has Been Voted Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week: Fan Reaction - NFL on Astini News

Of all the good things that are happening in Oakland so far with the Oakland Raiders - leading the AFC West, acquiring Carson Palmer(notes), and having two of the best running backs in the NFL - one of the better things is the emergence of rookie wide receiver Denarius Moore(notes). According to Carson Palmer, Moore is one of the most hard-working and focused players on the Raiders team. Not to mention his acrobatic catches and athleticism aid Moore in the great job he has done so far for the Raiders.

On Thursday Night Football, on November 10, Moore caught five passes for 123 yards and two touchdowns as the Raiders beat the San Diego Chargers 24-17. In honor of his performance Moore was voted the Pepsi NFL rookie of the Week for Week 10, which was announced on November 18. This is the second time this year that Moore has taken home the award. Moore and the San Francisco 49ers' linebacker Aldon Smith(notes) are the only players to win the award multiple times this season. Like Smith has been for the 49ers, Moore has been a large part of the Raiders' success.

As far as Moore's individual success goes, as a fan, I would have to attribute it to three key factors. Let's take a look at those factors:

Route Running

One of the things that Carson Palmer has said about Denarius Moore is that his route running has a lot to do with how open he is sometimes. As a fan, I can tell Palmer has no problem getting the ball to Moore, especially when his routes are run so well it creates good separation between himself and the defender. Moore comes out of his cuts clean and quick, almost a little too good for a rookie. He still has some things to learn—after all, he is just a rookie

Work Ethic

A lot of the time for rookie players in the NFL they think they will just go out there and play like they did in college—Michael Crabtree(notes) anyone? However, the NFL much like all of the other professional sports are a whole different monster compared to their college counterparts. Players in the NFL hit harder, run faster, and lastly work harder than any college players - or least we would like to think so, in regards to the working harder part. Moore has shown that hard work, when combined with a level-head and talent can be a dangerous weapon in the NFL.

Focus, Athleticism and Concentration

Some of the catches that Moore makes require 100% of his focus, athleticism, and concentration. These three attributes, combined with his work ethic and route running make Moore an important contributor to the Oakland Raiders. I'm sure that no one appreciates Moore's work as much as Carson Palmer and his Raider teammates.

The Oakland Raiders will face the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota on Sunday, November 20. Look for Moore to have another big game against the Vikings pass defense that is giving up 272.8 passing yards per game bad enough for third most in the NFL. Pass him the ball, Palmer.

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