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RuneScape adds a new dungeon for mold time's sake on Astini News

It's not really a proper fantasy game until you've fought your way through animated fungi, right? That's the premise of the newest dungeon in RuneScape, the just-added Polypore Dungeon. Deep within the dungeon lives a solitary skinweaver who was born to be a healer, but she's turned her powers to creating animated fungi for her own amusement. With her only other companion an ancient merchant that no longer has all of his faculties, her domain isn't a prime vacation spot... unless, of course, you're a skilled adventurer looking for new items and new craftable armor.

The new dungeon can be reached north of the Duel Arena bank, with most of its contents requiring a high level in various skills. The inhabitants are non-aggressive, however, allowing any and all members to take a look at the place freely. Other updates include an improvement to the Slayer interface and the UI option to switch bloom lighting on or off, which should help improve your overall experience whether or not you decide to go mushroom hunting.& & & &

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