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Mixed day for India in World Youth Chess [ News # 110260] on Astini News

Caldas Novas (Brazil), Nov 20 : It was a mixed day for India on the second day of the World Youth Chess Championships being held at the resort city of Caldas Novas.

Top seed in the Under-12 category Aravindh Chithambaram sailed smoothly to the third round beating Andrew Tang of the US in the second round here Saturday.

First round hero Sarang Ponkshe made his intentions clear in the championship as he outwitted Menezes Christoph of Austria rated above 300 elo points in the open category of Under-16 event.

The battle between Indian players Bala Kannamma and Nandhidha P.V. was interesting but Nandhidha emerged the winner in the girls Under-16 Category.

In the girls' under-18 category, A. Akshya produced a creditable win against her higher rated rival Chumpitaz Ann of Peru.

India's medal hopes suffered a serious set-back in the girls' Under-12 category as top seed Ivana Maria Furtado suffered shock defeat at the hands of Zhou Qiyu of Canada while medal prospect in Under-18 category Stany G.A. went down to lower rated Kozganbay Erken of Kazakhstan.

Second Round Results of Indian Players:

U-8 Girls: Lakshmi C beat Motahahere Asadi of Iran; Salonika Saina beat Ramirez Jemmily of Colombia; Tanishka Kotia lost to Sabzi Tina; Zhang Taylor of Canada lost to Bommini Mounika Akshaya.

U-8 Open: Ritam Nag lost to Muradli Mahammad of Azerbaijan; Sai Krishna S. lost to Noritsyn Sergey of Canada; Martinez Navarro Christian Ale of Peru lost to Ram Aravind L.N.

U-10 Girls: Bansi Prathima beat Nunonca Soto Lucero of Peru; Bidhar Rutumbara beat Korenova Magdalena of Czech Republic; Paredes Andrea of Ecuador lost to WFM Tarini Goyal; Lalla Kriti of South Africa beat Priyanka K.

U-10 Open: Rathanvel V.S. beat Vilca Javier of Peru; Rakesh Kumar Jena beat Jaramillo David of Ecuador; Anand nadir beat Leto Enzo of Argentina; Nitish Belurkar lost to Martin Juian of Germany; Correa Cristhian Mariano of Argentina lost to Mitrabha Guha.

U-12 Girls: WFM Ding Kimberly of the US drew with WCM Tejaswini Sagar; Priyamvada Karamcheti beat Ulusoy Nisan of Turkey; Zhou Qiyu of Canada beat WGM Ivana Maria Furtado; Padayachee Keyana Chloe of South Africa lost to WCM Savant Riya.

U-12 Open: Karthikeyan Murali beat FM Harshal Shahi; Tang Andrew of US lost to Aravindh Chithambaram; CM Nguyen Tan Hoang Nam of Vietnam lost to CM Abhimanyu Puranik; Vojdani Siavosh of Iran beat Hetul Shah.

U-14 Girls: WFM Monnisha G.K. beat Gueci Laura of Italy; Lasya G. beat Coelho Ramyres Santana of Brazil; WFM Srija Seshadri drew with Shepherd Katherine of England; Virkud Apurava of US drew with WFM Mahalakshmi M.

U-14 Open: FM Girish A. Koushik beat Krsnik Cohar Ivan Vihor of Croatia; Colas Joshua of US lost to FM Diptyan Ghosh; Ouaret Abdelouhab of Algeria lost to Satvik M.

U-16 Girls: Bala Kannamma lost to Nandhidhaa P.V.; Oliveira Maria Ines of Portugal lost to Pratyusha Bodda; Anjana Krishna S. of India drew with Movileanu Daniela of Italy.

U-16 Open: Pineiro Dario of Argentina drew with IM Shiven Khosla; Sarang Ponkshe beat Menezes Christoph of Austria ; Bianchi Augusto of Argentina lost to Antonio Viani D'cunha.

U-18 Girls: WFM Chumpitaz Ann of Peru lost to A. Akshaya; WFM Saranya J. drew with WIM Papp Petra of Hungary; Meghara Lylia of Algeria lost to Visalatchi R.

U-18 Open: GM Grandadam Nicolas of Switzerland drew with Himal Gusain; Kozganbay Erken of Kazakhstan beat Stany G.A.; Kerigan Demre of Turkey drew with Debashis Das.

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