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Your Job, Career and Workplace Impacted by Wearing A Costume on Halloween - Hartford Career Advice on Astini News

     It is Halloween.  If you have young children, you know how excited they are, all ready with their costumes, to go out house to house trick or treating.  Halloween is one of those events or holidays, if you will, which everyone seems to celebrate in some way.

      What would happen if you went to work in a costume?  You know all decked out in your Halloween get up?  Your job, career and workplace might be impacted if you showed up in a costume to work on Halloween right? 

      The truth is absolutely!  It is possible in a very few specific situations no one would care or even take much notice of your costume.  After all it is Halloween.  Do not think for a single second you are not now in a different category in the mind of everyone in your workplace.  Period.  Seal the envelope.  You showed up to work in a Halloween costume!

     Did you know there is a brand spanking new CVS at the 'Bull's Head'?  Where Long Ridge Road and High Ridge Road meet in Stamford is a nice size CVS.  If you need candy for Halloween or a last minute costume you should go straight there.

      You know by now these articles are the place to come to when you want to read about your job, your career or your workplace.  You are always given sound advice from the voice of experience.  No B.S.  The advice is down to earth and ready to put into action.

      So let me ask you this question – When you go to work on a daily basis, who shows up?  Are you the authentic you or do you put on a façade?  Is your workplace face and personality really a Halloween costume every work day of the year?

     You really need to give this some thought.  If you are not showing up at work as the authentic you, something is not right.  It is just like Halloween every day.  The quick assessment is – are you doing this?  Why are you doing this?  How long have you been doing this?

      You might be thinking, what difference does this make?  Here is the short version for you.  If you need to find a new job, which one of 'you' will be looking, the real you or the showing up to work you?  When you are promoted and you begin to have more of a leadership role which 'you' will be leading?

     The good news for you is more people are conducting themselves this way than you think, so you have company.  The bad news is you and everyone else needs to get a grip on themselves and live their work lives and their personal lives as who they really are.




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