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PPL Prepped for Pocono Snow on Astini News

PPL is keeping a close eye on the amount of snow forecast for the Poconos.

A PPL spokesperson said the concern is the snow accumulating on leaves.

"The leaves provide another opportunity for the snow to grab hold, thus weighing down branches and trees possibly bringing those branches and trees down on our lines and causing a lot of power outages,"

The Mountainhome area was hit with severe power outages from Hurricane Irene in August.  Now people there are bracing for the possibility of no power again.

"Last storm I bought a generator so I'm pretty much prepared just in case we do have a power outage, but I'm hoping it doesn't last," said Carlo Tiredo of Mountainhome.

"We had obviously a power outage during Hurricane Irene.  That was for four days in my neighborhood and longer for other people, but if we get six inches to a foot tomorrow, the weather is going to warm up after that," said Bonnie O'Brien of Cresco.

While many people in the Mountainhome area are concerned about the possibility of a power outage due to all the snow, some parents are concerned that snow will impact the Halloween Parade that cuts through the middle of Barrett Township on Sunday.

"Every year the kids look forward to it, families get out together, the community gets out," said Tiredo.

One thing the PPL spokesperson is stressing to customers is if you see a down line, assume it is a hazardous PPL line.  Stay away from it and call PPL immediately.

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