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French Revolution Timeline: STORMING of the BASTILLE (JULY 14, 1789) - Associated Content from Yahoo! on Astini News

The Storming of the Bastille was another revolt by France during the French Revolution. Bastille day was originally celebrated as a national holiday, signifying approval of popular participation in politics; it began a step towards freedom for the third estate. On July 14, 1789 a mob attacked the Bastille. The Bastille was a state prison symbolic for oppressive order of the ancient regime, due to the fact that it showed absolute monarchy. The Bastille was no ordinary prison; it held special prisoners who were sent without a trial. In thought that Bastille would have both prisoners living in subhuman standards as well as a storehouse of firearms, French revolutionist gathered at the fortress of Bastille. Despite the mobs preconceived thoughts of the Bastille being a cruel place, it was found to only have 7 prisoners, and no weapons (Newman 170-190). Although one can see that this reformation had actually achieved nothing, other than freeing 7 prisoners, this revolt was a small symbol of the French revolution. It showed tat people would begin to fight back against the government and oppose monarch if basic fundamental human rights were infringed.

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