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Peter King's 'Hard Evidence' That Iranian Diplomats Are Plotting Terror Attacks: 'Common Sense And Observation' on Astini News

Yesterday during a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing on "Iranian terror operations on American soil," Rep. Peter King (R-NY) echoed Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's (R-FL) controversial call to — in violation of American law — expel Iran's United Nations diplomats from the United States. "You dropped the bombshell today at your hearing," CNN host Wolf Blizter told King later, asking, "Doesn't the U.S. have…international legal responsibilities as the host country to the United Nations?"

King said it's legal because the Iranian diplomats are plotting terror attacks inside the U.S. But when asked for evidence, King offered random and confusing examples and conveniently said he can't discuss the evidence but he's seen it and "it's buttressed to all sides." Blitzer then pressed King again for "hard evidence," and the New York Republican dodged, citing "common sense and observation":

BLITZER: Just to be precise, these Iranian diplomats are in New York and Washington. Do you have hard evidence they were actually plotting to undertake terrorist operations inside the United States?

KING: I'm saying they clearly have ties to those in Iran who do those things. We know this from common sense and observation, from talking to people in the community that these people, whether it's actual terrorist activities or dealing with other countries or just facilitating activities with them or with Hezbollah, the fact is they are over here for an ulterior purpose, not diplomacy. It's to advance Iran's interest and, as I said, there have been instances in the past where we've actually caught them doing it, but from people I've spoken to, in the intelligence and law enforcement community.

Watch the clip:

So King has no evidence. He essentially thinks that the Iranian diplomats in the U.S. are plotting terror attacks here because they're here to "advance Iran's interest" and have ties to Iranians (of course they do, they're Iranians too). Based on those parameters, King should start working on the deportation papers for every foreign diplomat residing in the United States.

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