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'Bachelor Pad 2' Premiere: It's the Jake and Vienna Show! on Astini News

The exes are back.

Monday night on ABC, "Bachelor Pad" was back-- for a second season of fun, sun, sleeze and cheese.

The show's wild and crazy cast-- which includes two couples who were once engaged-- featured 18 former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" cast members competing for a $250 thousand jackpot and a remote chance at finding love along the way.

But the show's meet and greet portion was the main reason for the bloated, three-hour premiere.

The most volatile reunion by far was between former "Bachelor" star Jake Pavelka and his ex, Vienna Girardi.

While Jake-- clearly the star of this show-- was given a grand entrance, Girardi brought her new boyfriend to the "Pad" with her, just for good measure. That would be Kasey Kahl of "Guard and protect your heart" fame. Looks like he'll need to do plenty of guarding and protecting this season!

Because while Jake and Vienna are just one in a zillion breakups in the aftermath of "The Bachelor," theirs was the worst breakup in the show's history (or so the ABC promos say.)

Needless to say, a huge chunk of the show was devoted to Jake and Vienna's hate-hate relationship, with Vienna trembling over the fact that her ex-fiance was in the house and new boy toy Kasey Kahl saying he wanted to give Jake a big ol' punch. At least mentally.

Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst, who ended their engagement earlier this year, were also reunited on the show. And while their reunion was cordial, Holly was already making eyes at cast mate Blake Julian before Stagliano even arrived at the "Bachelor Pad."

Once the intros was out of the way (the rest of the cast included Justin Rego, Gia Allemand, Jackie Gordon, Michelle Money, Ella Nolan, Erica Rose, Melissa Schreiber, Alli Travis, Graham Bunn , Kirk Dewindt, Ames Brown, and William Holman), it was time for the contestants to compete in an actual challenge. But remember, this ain't "Survivor," kids!

For this week's challenge-- a little ditty called "Hook Up"-- everyone paired up with an opposite-sex partner. Next, the guys in the house were harnessed to a pulley system and lifted over a bed 10 feet in the air, while the girls' legs and arms were wrapped around them. The couple who held on the longest without falling were the winners.

That would be Jake Pavelka and his partner, Jackie Gordon. (Hey, didn't Jake already get enough air time?) But it wasn't before a head to head showdown between them and power couple Vienna and Kasey. When Kasey's feet went numb and he had to let go of Vienna, she chastised him for letting her down. Bad, bad boyfriend!

Because they won the challenge, Jake and Jackie were safe from elimination this week. Plus, they got to go on a glam date and were gifted a rose that they could use to keep one person safe this week.

The setting was the El Capitan Theatre in L.A. and a marquis- top dinner, where Jake poured out his hard luck love story to a captive Jackie.

But after his platonic date with Jackie, Jake decided to play nice with Vienna. In a shocking move, he gave her the immunity rose and a heartfelt apology for how he handled their breakup.

Vienna took the rose (gladly!), but later dissed Jake behind his back, saying she's not buying his nice-guy act. Her goal? To send him packing next week.

Finally, it was no shocker at the rose ceremony elimination: The barely-heard from Alli Travis, who stirred up a little drama early in the show when she tried to play both sides of the house, and entertainment wrestler Justin "Rated R" Rego were sent home, rose-less.

Well, almost. "Rated R" snatched Jake Pavelka's rose boutonniere before heading off in the limo.

Nothing like getting in the last punch!

"Bachelor Pad" airs on Monday nights on ABC.

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