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Voting important for youth - EEC on Astini News

  • Woman found dead in Christchurch

    Police are interviewing a man found at the surburban Christchurch address where a woman was found dead.

  • RWC organisers underestimated turnout - report

    An independent report into why Aucklandas infrastructure buckled on the opening night of the Rugby World Cup has been released.

  • Police release Red Zone photos in Beyond The Cordon

    Police have released a book of photographs taken inside the Christchurch CBD in the aftermath of the February 22 quake.

  • Police defend drug search of SA journalist

    Itas the story of a South African journalist, Taupo police and a drug search.

  • Owner furious after dog cut by groomer

    A Southland dog owner is fuming after four of his prized agility dogs were butchered by a man claiming to be a dog groomer.

  • Historic Places Trust accused of failing to save quake-damaged buildings

    The Historic Places Trust is being accused of making only a half-hearted effort to save Christchurchas quake-damaged historic buildings.

  • Mother of meningitis victim says vaccines should be funded

    The mother of an 18yo who died from meningitis says vaccinations should be funded for all young people around the country.

  • Don Brash talks dope - Full interview

    Political reporter Patrick Gower questions ACT Party leader Don Brash about his difference in opinion on decriminalising cannabis.

  • Scottish team goes swimming - Extended footage

    The Scottish rugby team took to the pools in Wellington this week in preparation for their up and coming game against England this weekend.

  • Unclear if third Northland meningitis death is related

    Northland health officials say it's not clear if a third death in the region from meningococcal disease is related to the other two.

  • Date set for Scott Guy murder trial

    The man accused of murdering Feilding man Scott Guy will stand trial in June next year at the High Court at Palmerston North.

  • Christchurch MP criticises Historic Places Trust

    A Christchurch MP has called the Historic Places Trust "gutless" as hundreds of quake damaged heritage buildings come to the ground.

  • Voting important for youth - EEC

    The Electoral Enrolment Centre is urging young people to enrol to vote before rolls go to print on October 26.

  • Students have better alternative to VSM - NZUSA

    The New Zealand Union of Students' Associations says it has proposed a better solution to student union membership than ACT's VSM bill.

  • Protest student arrested had trespass notice

    A day of peaceful student protests turned ugly this evening after a demonstrator was arrested at Auckland University.

  • Govt told to prove reason for urgent surveillance bill

    The Government's controversial new video camera surveillance bill will have its first reading in Parliament tomorrow and then be referred to select committee.

  • Anonymous letterbox drop predicts Canterbury quake, tsunami

    An anonymous writer has been posting predictions in people's letterboxes that a large earthquake and tsunami will hit this Wednesday.

  • Banks, Brash, Epsom weight in on cannabis debate

    Should cannabis be decriminalised?

  • FULL VIDEO: Auckland Uni protest turns violent

    After an arrest was made, protesters blocked a police car from leaving the Auckland University and a security guard was knocked over.

  • Dunedin police hunt Mongrel Mob member

    Dunedin police are on the hunt for a Mongrel Mob member after shots were fired during a gang brawl with Black Power.

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