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Holy Land 9/3/11 - Celebrity Review by tigershark12 on Astini News

& Prior to our cruise we also read the not so flattering reviews of the Silhouette. What we found was, that this cruise was excellent in all the areas we encountered. Service at all levels was great. We found that the crew went the extra mile to attend to needs.

Case in point; At the Passport bar I asked for Hendricks gin. The bartender didn't have any on hand. So, he got on the phone, called all over the ship, found some at the Sky lounge and said "I'll be right back". Up to deck 12 back down and poured me a drink. Service doesn't get better than that. There were many other instances of being made to feel special. One thing that really struck me was how personable many of the crew was. &

The food was better than we expected in the MDR. Service was exceptional. We did select dining but kept asking for the same crew. We ate at Murano twice and Tuscan once. I felt they were worth the money.&

One pet peeve I have is finding a place on deck when many people put "stuff" on chairs and don't use them. The staff did periodically come by and remove towels if no one was there for a while. I just asked someone near by if anyone had been around in the last half hour. If not, we just sat down and moved in.&

We never felt crowded or rushed. The big ship certainly had lots to do and provided a sense of intimacy. Great places to "hide out" and watch the day go by.&

In all this was a great cruise. We're booked for another next year

& &

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