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(AP) — The monsoon brings out all kinds of desert critters, but there is one that could be lurking in southern Arizona garages, sheds, or backyards.

Gila monsters have venom as strong as a Diamondback snake, and they deliver that venom by biting down and chewing into the wound. Animal experts say it is extremely painful.

The lizards range from around 12 to 19 inches long. They are a protected species, meaning it's illegal to keep them and you could face a $2,000 dollar fine and jail time.

Experts say Gila monsters love to live underground, so some people may never encounter one in their lifetime.

But Animal Experts Inc. spokesman Jeff Carver tells KVOA-TV ( ) the Gila monsters go where the food is and they especially like birds, eggs, and rodents.


Information from: KVOA-TV,

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