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ROM – @nickmcminn60 MIUI SS-8 “LG 2X Edition” for Samsung Galaxy S/ T-Mobile Vibrant on Astini News


nickmcminn60 has released an update to MIUI SS-8 "LG 2X Edition". The latest version is now 1.9.23 SS-.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
- Samsung Galaxy S: T-Mobile Vibrant

This week's update points are:
1. Kernel upgrade a number of models (I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1 and NS)
2. This week, will support wireless connectivity for different independent set IP, on the need to set static IP's fans should be very helpful.
3. SIM card contacts to optimize the experience. Although smart phones have become increasingly stripped SIM card contacts, but some users still will be used more or less, so it has heard the voice of the forum. This week will support the direct view, edit, delete the SIM card's contact information.


[Recommended] this week
1.I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1, NS replaced with new kernel
2 support for different wireless connections independent set IP
3 SIM card contacts to optimize experience

Optimization I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1, NS kernel replacement
Optimization HD2 new kernel patch (updated GPRS configuration files, CPU overclocking and stability, SD card reader speed up the repair can not connect to adhoc network)
OTA lack of time as to optimize the cache will be automatically cleaned up to reduce the probability of failure OTA
Optimal adjustment of the audio system
Repair non-Chinese HD2 default time zone problems
HD2 repair the problem can not play games from Gameloft (model identification to HTC)
Defy application firewall does not fix the problem in effect
E-mail will not repair the flight pattern of sleep problems
Samsung Series models fix data connection not turning on once turned off
Samsung Series models program screen repair is not smooth, the restoration program screen fluency
Repair PowerAMP play progress bar are not displayed
I9000 repair the problem can not use wire

Disable optimization when no SIM card carrier set
Optimize the incoming call when there are multiple devices to enhance the switching speed of the Bluetooth
Optimization in the call, they also pop-up device selection panel (Bluetooth headsets connected)
Optimized to increase dial-up interface, press the menu item to delete call records which
Optimization when the dial-up panel is set to "click on call" when "View Contact" is set to press menu first
Call records are being modified to read optimization (search for a contact) when the "no call records" for the "Reading …"
T9 search optimization to enhance the speed of the sort
T9 repair some cases sorting of search results matching error
Repair from the SMS / m Click the number to enter the chat panel without attribution to dial-up problems
Repair to ensure that the local hang up without vibration
Prohibit the use of repair operation for an incoming call button trackball
Hang up the phone speaker when the occasional repair half touch-tone problem

Contact list to add new menu entry SIM card contacts
SIM card contacts to optimize operations, the press and pop-up menu, click into the pop-up (support for editing, call, SMS, deleted, etc)
SIM card contacts to optimize the new interface can directly contact

Repair edit slides, pictures replaced the problem will be FC
Repair switch flight mode will lead to a successful issue can not send MMS
Repair visitors enter the text from the contact mode, the problem will be FC

[Lock screen, the status bar, notice board]
New Variety lock screen displays the next alarm information to support
Optimization of the status bar icon to distinguish headset with microphone
Repair the first time under certain circumstances can not light up the screen press the power button issue
After repairing the lock screen to open flashlight, flashlight flicker about the problem
Repair light lock screen long press Home button on a flashlight, led flashlight repeatedly operating state the wrong question

Repair the import file names containing special characters of the local theme of the issue led to FC

HD2 repair costs after the fever out of the video is completed the problem of electricity

Optimization when no SD card message
Optimization modify the ID3 artist name or album name allows empty
Repair stuck DHD music led to the problem
Repair Open "Illumination screen" can not immediately take effect, take effect until the next song problem

[Supermarket] Application
Repair program under certain circumstances to open the network operator will prompt the question FC
After repair the system to add accounts or unbound state of the problem appears

Optimize the collection of native backup support SMS backup
File Manager supports backup to optimize the collection of directory

[System Update]
Repair download the upgrade package, complete the process of change the theme package, re-entering the system update will be lost before the download progress and error display "Update" problem

Added support for different wireless connections independent set IP
Remember Password New VPN connection support
Optimization time is set to add "sync boot time" option
Repair "System -> power" in the "low battery alert values" can not drag a continuous problem
NS will repair about playing the NFC switch problem under two
Remove duplicate system settings "wake up" switch, retaining only "program -> Installation and commissioning" in the "keep awake" switch


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