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I-Team 10 investigation: Pizzeria employee accused of secretly videotaping co-workers in bathroom - Local News - Rochester, NY on Astini News

& A worker at a local restaurant makes a disturbing discovery -- a miniature hidden camera set up and recording inside the employee bathroom.&

An Irondequoit man is accused of illegally spying on his former co-workers. I-Team 10has learned 28-year-old Keith Centola was arrested over the weekend and now faces felony charges.

It's a scary thought, but a hidden camera can be placed in just about anything these days -- Even something as small as a pen.

I-Team 10 has learned a former worker at a pizza restaurant is accused of using what looked like a bathroom air freshener to secretly record video of his co-workers.

At Salvatore's pizzeria on Bay Road in Penfield, Keith Centola was on the fast track to becoming a kitchen manager. He came highly recommended and co-workers say he was well-liked. But police say while at work, he was secretly spying on those co-workers as they used the employee bathroom and changing room.

Salvatore Fantauzzo is the founder of the local pizza chain. "He was able to put something on a shelf and no one detected it right away."

That something was a hidden camera disguised as an air freshener.

According to court documents viewed by I-Team 10, a female employee went into the bathroom and saw the air freshener on a shelf where it had somehow been knocked over. She told police, "And I could see a red light flashing. I picked up the object and saw a play button and I knew it was a camera."

Centola was arrested and charged with 15 felony counts of unlawful surveillance.

Fantauzzo said, "It was not in a customer restroom. This is a very isolated incident. We immediately fired him, immediately called the police and did everything we could. Things like this shouldn't happen but unfortunately in today's society things like this happen occasionally."

According to court documents, investigators knew Centola was responsible because he can be seen on the video setting up the camera. The court papers also suggest there is evidence that the recording device was at one time set up in Centola's home, capturing video of roommates and relatives in the bathroom there.

Fantauzzo said, "I guess there's a lot of people that you can't really judge a book by its cover and gotta be careful. You gotta be on your toes with everyone today unfortunately."

Centola was arraigned in Penfield Town Court on Saturday and released on $2,500 bail. We were unable to locate him for comment.

I-Team 10 wanted to speak with investigators from the Sheriff's Department about the case however a spokesman declined comment saying they are still in the early stages of the investigation and are trying to determine if there are additional victims and videos.

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