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Miracle dog survives amputation, cardiac arrest, tetanus - CBS 5 on Astini News


Hanni, a pit bull mix, was adopted Friday after a harrowing ordeal that saw her battle the traumas of amputation, cardiac arrest and tetanus, the Arizona Humane Society says.

AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technicians recently received a call that there was a three-legged dog hobbling down the street.

They rushed to the scene to find Hanni trying to navigate city streets with only three legs.  They said bones and tissues lay hanging and exposed.

Hanni immediately underwent surgery at AHS' Second Chance Animal Hospital to amputate the rest of her leg, which appeared to have been bitten off at the paw, said Bretta Nelson, public relations manager at the Arizona Humane Society.

While in surgery, the animal went into cardiac arrest and required CPR and blood transfusions just to stabilize her, Nelson said. 

Once stabilized and on the road to recovery, Nelson said something still wasn't quite right. Vets determined Hanni had tetanus.

AHS staff sent her immediately into foster care for the next month in order to recover from both the amputation, that had left dozens of staples in her shoulder, as well as the tetanus.

Nelson said the dog finally found her "forever family" last week.

Through Wednesday, Hill's Science Diet is matching all online donations up to $10,000 to to help animals like Hanni, Nelson said.

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