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Attleboro break-ins linked to metals - The Sun Chronicle Online on Astini News

Attleboro break-ins linked to metals


Thursday, August 25, 2011 2:12 AM EDT

Police: Rash of city homes targeted by thieves since Jan. 1

ATTLEBORO - Police say scrap metal thieves are responsible for the spike in break-ins at vacant homes and are asking the public's help in nabbing the criminals.

Officers have responded to multiple residential break-ins where copper or brass piping and electrical wiring have been ripped or cut out and stolen.

Records show that since Jan. 1, police have responded to 19 incidents in which the homes were targeted for the metals, according to Detective Sgt. Arthur Brillon.

The thieves are driven by the rising price of scrap metal and the abandoned homes make attractive targets because the criminals believe they can enter the homes undetected. The piping or wiring is then sold as scrap.

Police are asking residents to report any suspicious activity in and around foreclosed and abandoned homes.& & &

"Residents are encouraged to be watchful of their neighborhood. They should call their local police department if they see suspicious activity, such as person or cars in or around vacant homes," Brillon said.

Residents can contact the Attleboro Police Department using the emergency 911 line or 508-222-1212 when they see suspicious activity.& & &

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