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How to Plant, Care for and Prune Vinca Vine - Associated Content from Yahoo! on Astini News

Vinca is a herbaceous plant known for its speedy growth. It is a sub-shrub plant of the Apocynaceae family of which there are five species with vinca minor and vinca major being the most commonly grown. Vinca vine care is pretty much the same however whatever species you choose to grow.

The two most common varieties of vinca vine, major and minor vinca, are distinguished by the appearance of their leaves. The minor vinca vine plant has foliage which is entirely green while that of the major vinca vine is green with creamy white edges. Vinca vines flowers in the spring and summer and produce a fruit from which seeds can be extracted.

Vinca vine care is not especially difficult. They grow best in a partially shaded area but can survive when exposed to the direct heat of the sun. They also need well-drained soil with a pH level of between 6 and 6.5.

Another key with vinca vine care is when you plant them. The best time is spring and summer when stem cuttings can be used for propagating the plant. You need to keep the soil moist in order to promote rapid growth so water the plant at least once a week in its first growing season, dropping the frequency as winter approaches. Check the soil before you water, you are looking ideally for it to be wet to a depth of about an inch. Once, the plant is fully grown, the tasks associated with vinca vine care are pretty minimal.

If you want your plant to bloom though, some more vinca vine care is required. Make sure they are getting enough sunlight by moving them onto a patio if you've grown them in a pot or if not you could try trimming back any trees or bushes that are putting them in the shade.

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