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Tim Tebow is the NFL Athlete 'Most Desired' by Married Women: Fan's Reaction on Astini News

Tim Tebow ranked No. 2 among famous athletes that women would most like to cheat on their husbands with, according to a poll by

Tebow, the New York Jets' 24-year-old backup quarterback, finished No. 1 overall among NFL stars, finishing ahead of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

I don't know why anyone would be shocked that a rich, handsome young athlete like Tebow would rank No. 1 among NFL stars on this poll.

Tebow, who stands 6-foot-3, has a muscular 250-pound frame to go along with his strong Christian values and wonderful commitment to charity work. By all accounts, he's the perfect gentleman.

The results of the poll shouldn't surprise anyone. The only thing that people should be shocked at is the premise of the poll itself.

A Steamy Concept

Instead of asking 13,500 women which famous athletes they would cheat on their husbands with, the poll could have easily been a ranking of the top ten most handsome or highest-earning athletes in the world. was clearly just trying to cause a stir to generate a little buzz around their website, as a list of the top ten most handsome or highest-earning athletes wouldn't have been quite as juicy.

Taking another look at the list of the top ten, which included David Beckham, Tebow, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Kelly Slater, I wonder how many would have made a list of the top ten most handsome or highest-earning athletes.

Looking further into the matter, reports that David Beckham is the No. 8 highest-earning athlete with a $9 million salary and $36 in endorsements. Ronaldo is No. 9 among highest-earners with $42.5 million in total earnings, and Peyton Manning ranks No. 10 on Forbes' list with a cool $42.4 million in total earnings.

Forbes' poll didn't receive as much attention because it's not as scandalous as a list of athletes that women would cheat on their husbands with, but most of the same names are on both polls.

Physical Appearance vs Emotions

The premise for's poll was ridiculous because the women asked don't know these athletes on a personal level. All they have to go on is their physical appearance and how they are presented in the media.

The decision to cheat on someone has a lot more to do with emotions and attachment than it does about purely being attracted to someone.

It's easy to say athletes with higher incomes and better physical appearances would be the top candidates to rank high on the poll, but not knowing someone on a personal level would make it tough to actually judge whether infidelity would come into play.

Eric Holden is a lifelong New York Jets fan and Tim Tebow supporter. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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