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Instagram outage causes a flutter on Astini News

14:31 AEST Sun Jul 1 2012

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An Instagram outage due to the violent US storms has sent Australian Twitter users into a flutter.

Users of the photo-sharing service have been searching for answers since Instagram went down on Friday night, while many have been posting their frustrations on Twitter.

An electrical storm in the US has been blamed for the shortage. Instagram used its Facebook fan page to communicate with users and said engineers were working to restore the service.

But many Instagram's users were still seeking answers. Instagram was the top search term on Google on Saturday, according to Google Trends.

The service was also trending on Twitter in Australia on Sunday.

"How come my instagram is down again!!! I'm seriously about to find their number and call and complain. Lol," one tweet said.

"My instagram won't let me upload pictures," another user wrote.

Another: "NOOOOO my instagram isn't working again."

And another: "My instagram keeps messing up"

Millions of residents across the US are sweltering in the aftermath of storms that pummelled the eastern states, killing at least 13 people and leaving three million without power during a heat wave.

Power officials said on Sunday the outages wouldn't be repaired for several days to a week, likening the damage to a serious hurricane.

Emergencies have been declared in Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, the District of Columbia and Virginia.

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