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Penny Auction Software from Penny Pro Auctions Offers Fast, Professional Bidding Websites on Astini News


Comox, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- Growing in popularity, penny auctions offer a great way to win and acquire items at cheap prices. The fun and exciting bidding entails strategy and timing. Unsurprisingly, the growing niche for penny auctions is accompanied by an increasing demand for professional and accessible penny auction scripts.

When researching for a penny auction software solution, it is important for businesses to find the platform that offers various functions and features to provide communication, a robust administration panel and CMS for managing and shipping the items.

Departing from other standard penny auction software offerings, the package is not merely the software itself, but also comes with support, free installation and a month's worth of free server rent.

"Our software comes packed with hundreds of functions and features. Coding in PHP Smarty, we offer a professional code base that includes programming of most-two way API gateways," explained Steve Yap of Penny Pro Auction. "Plus, we are backed by world-class designers and can develop logos and custom templates or and payment gateway designs for any penny auction needs," added Yap. is a team that can be relied on to offer Web Interface, Design, E-Commerce and Email Marketing for penny auctions businesses. In addition, the company's sets of packages offer additional features and services, such as free custom template, SEO services, a custom 800 number, a Google Adwords coupon, Desktop Auto Lister software or the Penny Auction Wealth Book.

Based in sunny California, the team also offers free server setup and software setup with every purchase. The experts guarantee to assist clients every step of the way, providing full training, consulting, and education services. The team also offers Search Engine Optimization services to help penny auction websites rank high on different search engines. Additionally, the SEO team can setup PPC and CPC ad campaigns.

To learn more about the products and services from Penny Pro Auction, visit for more details.


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