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Dave Coulier reprises 'Full House' role in new Funny or Die clip | Detroit Free Press on Astini News

Fans waxing nostalgic for a "Full House" fix are in for a treat when Uncle Joey makes a guest appearance in a brand new Funny or Die video.&

In the short, St. Clair Shores native Dave Coulier reprises his role as Joey Gladstone from the long-running ABC sitcom and meets up with with Mel (Melissa Stephens) and Ally (Ally Hord), two characters who host a hot mess of a late-night talk show from their Los Angeles apartment.&

(Fans, be warned: Though Coulier usually keeps his material clean, the video, viewable on, contains some very adult language.) &

The two under-the-influence hostesses introduce their guest as "Dave Coulier," but the comic and actor enters their living room rocking a Hawaiian print shirt and mullet — the haircut he had when the show aired in the late '80s and early '90s.&

From there, Uncle Joey offers some advice ("Drugs aren't good for you, but spinach is"), breaks out his famous puppet Mr. Woodchuck and introduces his so-called wife, Kimmy Gibbler, the annoying "Full House" neighbor played by Andrea Barber. &

"I was approached by the girls a couple months ago with the idea that I'd be a guest on their show. I told them that I would think about it," Coulier told the Free Press today. "After a round of golf, I said: 'What if I come on your show, but I've never left Joey Gladstone behind. I still have that bad mullet, the Hawaiian shirt. I still have Mr. Woodchuck, and maybe we can get Andrea to come on as Kimmy. I was on speaker phone, and all I heard was laughter from everyone in the room."&

Coulier said he received a lot of positive feedback on Twitter this morning as fans continued to come across and view the nearly 4-minute video. As for the naughty language, Coulier said fans who know him as a clean comic will get the joke.&

"I still get to be me my G-rated Joey Gladstone character in that light," he said. "And I think with two drunk girls slurring like crazy, it can be a really funny flip of the coin."&

Coulier also explained what happened to Mr. Woodchuck's puppet face.&

"After the show wrapped, the producers gave it to me. My yellow lab, Ranger, always thought he was alive and would growl at him and chase him around. One day I came home (and) it was obvious he had attacked him, dragged him into the living room and ate his face. &

"When I walked in the door, there was foam everywhere, but I just started to laugh. I couldn't get mad at Ranger. I think after all those years of Ranger wanting to challenge Mr. Woodchuck he just decided to finally take him out."&

Coulier, who lives in Los Angeles, said he and "Full House' costar Lori Loughlin are pitching a sitcom to the TV networks and he's also working on a separate project that could end up being a big boost for his clean-comedy tour. Metro Detroit fans can catch him Nov. 1-3 at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak.

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