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Kim Kardashian Says She's Not Thinking About Marriage With Kanye West on Astini News

published: 2012-06-25 12:23:41

Kim Kardashian might spend an inordinate amount of time on her appearance and drumming up publicity, but that doesn't mean she's spending hours thinking about where her relationship with Kanye West might go. At least that's the story she stuck to during last night's interview with Oprah Winfrey. The reality star stopped by OWN's Next Chapter to dish on the current state of her life in the second part of her sitdown chat with the popular host, and not surprisingly, her current relationship was one of the first items on the agenda.

Despite not even being divorced from her husband Kris Humphries, Kardashian has entered into a very public relationship with the hip-hop star. She recently purchased her new man a lambourghini, and by all accounts, the relationship is getting very serious very quickly. Rumors have even been floating around that the two are planning to move in together, but Kim denied those whispers as quickly as she did the marriage talk.&

"I'm not thinking about marriage right now. To have him in my life this way, says a lot about us."

I have no idea where Kim and Kanye might go from here, but it seems very clear the reality star is stoked to have someone who understands the constant attention she receives. West too is bombarded by fans and cameras wherever he goes, and that was something her soon-to-be ex-husband was never going to understand.

In related news, Humphries is scheduled to meet with Kim's lawyers today; so, if we get news on how that goes, we'll bring it to you.&

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