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Vernon Davis' final three games of 2011: 18 catches, 410 yards, 4 TDs. (AP)

INDIANAPOLIS — On Jan. 11, three days before Vernon Davis embarked on his epic two-game playoff performance, the 49ers tight end recalled how lost he'd previously been in San Francisco's new offense.

Wasn't Jim Harbaugh's system supposed to be tight-end friendly? You could have fooled Davis, who had fewer than 50 receiving yards in 11 of San Francisco's first 13 games while struggling with information overload.

"When I first got in this offense it was almost like I wanted to quit," Davis said. "Like, 'This is too much.'"

At that time, offensive coordinator Greg Roman said Davis became noticeably more comfortable in the latter stages of the season.

And then, of course, Davis went from comfortable to unconscious as he had 10 catches for 292 yards with four touchdowns in two postseason games. Including his 8-catch, 118-yard performance against the Rams in Week 17, Davis finished the season with three straight 100-yard games. Perspective: He had five 100-yard games in his first 85 career starts.

On Thursday here at the NFL combine, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh suggested Davis' finish could be a harbinger of things to come. And just think if the 49ers can add a wide receiver – or another tight end – capable of drawing attention away from the often-double-teamed Davis in 2012.

"I think things really were clicking or gelling as the season went on," Harbaugh said. "That's something that as a coach, you're really proud of that. You're really proud when players are getting better. I think Vernon has a right to be proud of that and excited about what the future holds for him and our team."

Here's a look at Davis' 2011 season, including the playoffs:

First 13 games of 2011: 49 catches, 548 yards, 5 TDs

16-game projection: 60 catches, 674 yards, 6 TDs

Last 5 games of 2011: 28 catches, 536 yards, 5 TDs

16 game projection: 90 catches, 1,715 yards, 16 TDs

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