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Zamil Air Conditioners Partners with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Produce Centrifugal Chillers in Saudi Arabia - Manufacturing on Astini News

Zamil Air Conditioners Partners with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Produce Centrifugal Chillers in Saudi Arabia

Zamil Air ConditionersZamil Air ConditionersLoading..., a sector business of Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial) and the leading manufacturer and service provider of air conditioning systems in the Middle East, has signed a strategic Supply, Manufacturing and Distribution agreement for Centrifugal Compressors and Chillers with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), a world leader in the development and manufacturing of centrifugal chillers.

The Middle East continues to build massive new structures and complexes. These Mega projects create increasing demands for large tonnage capacity centrifugal chillers. Recognizing this important opportunity for business expansion, Zamil Air ConditionersZamil Air ConditionersLoading... once again demonstrates exceptional leadership by initiating local production of the large capacity, high efficiency water-cooled centrifugal chillers needed for today's more demanding construction projects. These chillers will be equipped with MHI centrifugal compressors.

MHI Centrifugal Compressors and Chillers employ the most advanced Japanese technology, with a cooling capacity ranging from 270 to 5,000 refrigeration tons per chiller. Customers of Zamil Air ConditionersZamil Air ConditionersLoading... having mega and complex projects will now enjoy high efficiency systems with measurable advantages such as power savings, extremely high part load performance and the most advanced Microcomputer control panels available.

"We are confident that equipping our new large tonnage chillers with MHI's technologically advanced centrifugal compressors, producing them in our local high quality manufacturing operations and offering them through our sales and CoolCare service network will add considerable options and value to our customers," said Ahmed Zaatari, VP of Zamil Air ConditionersZamil Air ConditionersLoading....

"Gulf construction has undergone a shift to larger structures with greater air conditioning capacity requirements; this trend is expected to continue for many years. As the leading Middle East air conditioning manufacturer and service provider, Zamil Air ConditionersZamil Air ConditionersLoading... is the most qualified to partner with MHI on centrifugal products and large tonnage cooling solutions; we are very excited about this partnership," said Wataru Seki, GM of MHI Centrifugal and Absorption Chillers.

MHI is Japan's largest centrifugal chiller manufacturer and holds about 60% share of the market. The company has supplied many systems for applications including district cooling and air-conditioning for plants and office/commercial buildings in Japan. To date, the company has received orders for about 3,000 units of its HFC-134a, a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) refrigerant type centrifugal chiller. Leveraging the company's comprehensive technological expertise in gas turbine and nuclear power generation area, MHI first in the world achieved COP (coefficient of performance) 6.4 and IPLV (integrated part load value) 7.9 and offers chillers with the world's highest level refrigeration efficiency.


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