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Meghan McCain Slams Greta Van Susteren for Inviting Lindsay Lohan to White House Dinner on Astini News

Mean Girls don't only exist in the movies.

Meghan McCain isn't happy that Greta Van Susteren invited Lindsay Lohan to this weekend's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

McCain, whose father is former presidential hopeful John McCain, apparently has some issues with Lohan's checkered past and Van Susteren's willingness to flippantly overlook it. And naturally, she took to Twitter to voice her frustration.

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She wrote, "Let me get this straight Greta Van [Susteren] is bringing Lindsay Lohan to the WHC Dinner but has a moral offense to Louie C.K?"

McCain, of course, was referring to the Fox News personality's blog post last month explaining that she refused to go to the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner because they hired "the pig, Louis C.K., to be their headliner." She cited his "filthy language about women" and his alleged denigration of females as the reason for her contempt of the oftentimes crass comedian.

McCain might not be crazy about LiLo attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner, but she's not offended enough to skip the event herself. The Republican blogger tweeted Friday that she was "headed to DC for the nerd prom."

One report claimed that Lohan missed her flight from L.A. to D.C.—and might miss the event itself—after a night of hard partying. But her rep tells E! News the actress "changed her flight; simple as that. No issues [and] she is looking forward to the dinner."

There you have it. Now let's just hope everyone keeps it classy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. With George Clooney, Zooey Deschanel, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian planning to attend, it's really not the time or place to act like a real-life Regina George.

—Additional reporting by Katie Rhames

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