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Cain Accuser Says She Doesn't Regret Speaking Out on Astini News

Ginger White, the woman who claimed she had a 13-year affair with former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain says she did the right thing by speaking out.

White said she was amazed at the personal attacks against her after she first went public. She said she spent many nights alone, crying in the bathroom. Despite that, she has now hired a public relations firm to help her rebuild her reputation and is convinced more than ever that she made the right choice.

"I felt like I did something that took a lot of courage, as did the other women," White said. "This was not something that was easy. It's been tough."

Five days after FOX 5's interview with White, Cain announced that his bid for the White House was over. Defiant to the end, he told the crowd he had been falsely accused.

"He can call me troubled, he can call me anything he wants to, but I'm honest, I'm not a liar," said White.

White lost her job after that first interview and says she is facing bankruptcy. The substantial financial support she claims she received from Cain is obviously over.

White now says her family not only knew about the relationship with Cain, they helped make it happen -- even though they felt it was wrong.

"Whenever I was going to meet him, my family -- my sister or my mom -- would babysit, yes," White said.

Cain has admitted he helped White financially, but he has denied a sexual affair. "I was quite a friend, huh," said White.

Cain has said he believes political opponents are behind the various sexual harassment allegations against him.

White said there were no payments or even conversations from any political operatives, no book deals and no promises of money from anyone. She also said that their relationship was not sex for money.

"No. Never sex for money. I've said that many times. He was helping me. Did we have sex, yes. The two were very separate," White said.

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